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membership service terms

1, confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service

The ownership and operation of the membership reservation services are owned by the Saville Hotel group. The membership reservation service shall be strictly enforced in accordance with the company's articles of association, the terms of service and the rules of operation. Members complete the registration process and click the "submit" button, which means that members have reached an agreement with the Saville hotel group and accepted all member reservation terms of service.

2, service brief

Saville Hotel Group uses its own operating system to provide member reservation services through the internet. Members must:

provides equipment, including personal computers, a modem, and an Internet device.
personal internet access and payment of telephone charges related to this service.

taking into account the importance of membership services, members agree:

provides timely, detailed and accurate personal data.
keeps updating the registration materials and meets the requirements of timely, detailed and accurate. All raw data will be referred to as registered data.

In addition, members may authorize the Saville hotel group to disclose its basic information to third parties, but the Saville hotel group is unable to disclose any additional information from its members. Unless:

members request the Saville hotel group or empower someone to disclose the information via email service.
corresponding legal requirements and procedures require Saville hotel group to provide members of the personal data. If the information provided by the member is inaccurate, the Saville Hotel Group reserves the right to end the membership subscription service.

members agree to accept all kinds of information services provided by members when booking membership services.

If a member is registered to join the Chinese front courtyard through a partnership card (including but not limited to airlines, banks, ex gratia merchants), the member agrees that the cooperation card will be permanently bound with the membership and cannot be changed.

The Saville Hotel Group will amend the membership reservation service when necessary, and the member reservation service terms will be notified in the member's notes or members' announcements without further notice.

4, service revision


hotel group reservations at any time to modify or discontinue the membership subscription service without notice of membership rights. The Saville hotel group exercises the right to amend or break the membership reservation service without the responsibility of a member or third party.

5, member privacy system

respect for individual privacy of members is a basic policy of Saville Hotel group. So, as a supplement to the above second personal registration information analysis, of the Saville Hotel Group will not open, edit or disclose membership and save the reservation in the non - public information service members, unless there are legal requirements or Saville Hotel Group in good faith on the basis of these letters reveal that is necessary in the following three situation:

comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and comply with the member's legal service procedure.
maintains Hanting Hotels trademark ownership.
tries to protect privacy of members, individuals and the public in an emergency.
meets other relevant requirements.

6, member account number, password and security

once you have successfully registered as a member, you will get a password and account number. If you don't take care of your account number and password security, you will be fully responsible. In addition, each member is fully responsible for all activities and events in his account. If any member finds any illegal use of member account or security vulnerabilities, immediately notify the Saville hotel group, any damages incurred before the announcement shall be borne by the individual members themselves.

7, refused to provide security,

members expressly agree that the use of mail services is undertaken by individual members of the risk. The Saville hotel group makes it clear that it does not provide any type of warranty, whether explicitly or implicitly. Saville hotel group membership does not guarantee the reservation service will be able to meet the requirements of membership, membership is not guaranteed reservation service will not be interrupted, the membership reservation service timeliness, security, error occurs is not guaranteed. Saville hotel group refused to provide any guarantees, including accurate, timely and smooth delivery of information. The member understands and accepts any information (downloaded or made by member reservation service), depending on the member himself and all risks and liabilities for system damage or data loss. Members will not receive oral or written comments or information from Hanting Hotels (Shanghai) Hotel Management Limited, nor will they make a definite warranty here.

8, limited liability,

is not responsible for any damage to the Saville hotel group, direct and indirect, special and following the accident, the damage from: improper use of Saville membership subscription service, illegal use of the member or members of the transmitted information reservation service change. The damage will cause damage to the image of the Saville hotel group, so the Saville Hotel Group has long raised the possibility of such damage and reiterates its potential for damage.

9 and Saville member reservation service information storage and restriction

Saville hotel group is not responsible for the deletion or storage failure of the information released by members. Saville hotel group did not set the upper limit on the transmission of information, but it has reserved the right to determine the member's behavior is consistent with the membership reservation service in terms of the requirements and spirit, if the member violates the provisions of the terms of service members booking, booking service is interrupted its membership account. All the articles in this website are copyrighted by the original author and the Saville hotel group. Anyone who needs to reprint articles within the website must obtain permission from the original author or the Saville Hotel group.

10, member management,

members are solely responsible for publishing content. The membership's reservation service for members is based on all applicable site services, legal, national, and international legal standards.

members must follow:

releases information, it must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of china.
uses membership reservation service for no illegal use.
does not disturb or mess network services.
complies with all network protocols, regulations and procedures that use member reservation services.

membership subscription service is the use of the Internet to send and receive information. Therefore, members' conduct guidelines are based on state regulations, policies and procedures concerning the internet. Members shall undertake not to transmit any illegal, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, hurtful, vulgar, obscene and other information. In addition, members can not transmit any information that abets crime cannot be transmitted; encourage adverse domestic conditions and the national security information transmission; not inconsistent with any local laws and regulations, national laws and international law documents. Unauthorized access to other computer systems is prohibited. If the member's behavior does not comply with the above-mentioned terms of service, the Saville Hotel Group will make an independent judgment and cancel the member service account immediately.

members are required to take legal responsibility for their members' booking services. If members disseminate and disseminate information about reactionary, pornographic or other violations of state law in the membership reservation service, the system record of membership reservation service may serve as evidence for members to breach the law.

11, guarantee

Members agree to protect and safeguard the interests of all the members of the Saville hotel group, responsible for the payment of membership by using the services beyond caused by legal fees, in violation of the terms of service damage compensation costs, other people use the computer, membership account and other intellectual property rights of recourse fee.

12, end service,

member or Saville hotel group may interrupt the website service at any time according to the actual situation. The Saville Hotel Group has no need to interrupt any individual or third party. Members may oppose the proposal of any service clause, or later modify the terms of the amendment, or dissatisfied with the member's reservation service, the member may have the following recourse:

no longer uses membership subscription services.
ends membership's membership subscription service.
advised Saville hotel group to stop the member's service.

end member services, such as the need to restore service members, you can apply for return to the end of the service before the membership level, if necessary, you can also get a higher level when the end member membership according to the description of the way of membership.

after the end of membership services, members of the right to use the membership reservation service immediately terminated. Since then, the Saville Hotel Group has no longer held any obligations to its members.

13, announcement

all notices posted to members can be sent by e-mail or regular mail. Saville hotel group through the mail service message to a member, tell them to amend the terms of service, service changes, or other important things.

14, participate in advertising planning,

Members in their published information in publicity materials or participate in advertising planning, but all the promotional methods, including the transport of goods, payment, service, business conditions, guarantee and advertising related descriptions are between the corresponding membership and advertising sales occurred. Saville hotel group does not accept any responsibility, and member reservation services are under no obligation to sell any part of such advertising. The Saville Hotel Group has the right to discontinue such promotions without receiving any responsibility after receiving any notification from the interested parties.

15, ownership of mail content


membership defines the text, software, sound, photos, videos, charts, and all the content in the ad; the entire content of the email; the business information provided by the member reservation service to the members. All of these are protected by copyright, trademarks, labels and other property rights laws. Therefore, members can only use the content under the authorization of the Saville hotel group and the advertisers, but can not copy, reproduce these contents, or create derivative products related to content.

16, law,

The terms of the

mail service shall be in conformity with the country's legal interpretation of the country, including the contentious and conflicting content of the legal provisions. Members and the Saville hotel group agree to submit themselves to all the jurisdiction of the people's courts. If any member reservation service is in conflict with the law, these terms will be interpreted as close as possible, while other provisions shall have legal effect and effect on the member.

17, other

non Saville hotel group approved the membership of the channel, my company will not recognize. Membership cards are prohibited. Once found, we have the right to cancel the membership of the buyer and seller, and reserve the right to pursue their legal liabilities.

reminder: membership booking service implement hotel reservation guarantee system, if the reservation member violates the Hanting Hotels reservation terms will be confiscated by the hotel collateral or deduct points hotel membership card, please book page information related to membership in the hotel carefully before reading the membership booking service provisions and hotel reservation!

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